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I love this! Very creative, and a great exploration of different animation methods! Keep going!

You a notpron fan? haha Love that flash... Great job. Classic humor.

Master1up responds:

Never heard of 'em. I'll check'em out. Glad you liked it.

So happy to see this where it belongs. This was the king of the portal for years. You'll never know what it inspired me to become as a flash animator.

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Loved it! Made me interested in the comic! Hope you make more of these! Great use of branching narrative and varied game style! A treat.

Played these a couple nights back. Really enjoyed both games. Fun puzzles and a good vibe. Great work! Inspiring!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, Eiomaru!
For playing both games, and for coming back to leave a review :)
I'm glad you liked them! :D

Mischevious Excellence!

Keeping up with it's kooky and mischievous counterpart the "Dad" series, Dadgame delivers a side scrolling experience sprinkled with mayhem and destruction. You play as the oh-so-loveable Dad on his most recent rampage of joyful devastation in an attempt to retrieve his stolen briefcase from the clutches of his boss. Along the adventure you'll fight ninjas, robots, football players, jetpack riding goons, and the occasional transforming train. The design and scope of the game are impeccable! The in-game cut scenes not only drive the insane story-mode forward, but they likewise entertain and give us a flavor of comedy that the Dad series is most known for.
The game play is simple, essentially you have four controls. You have your movement, your one attack key, your laser fire, and your spit weapon. You heard me right. A quick flick of C on your keyboard and Dad will vomit up a sword, briefcase, nunchucku, or any of the slew of weapons you just might happen to have equipped at the time. Though the one key attack may be off putting to some players, let me assure you: Dadgame utilizes each weapon individually giving you different moves, and appearances with each weapon. I often found myself feverishly bouncing from one side of the screen to the next in my onslaught with a fan favorited buster sword complete with sexy yellow hair. The story mode offers up about twenty minutes of game play, but if you plan on playing through all three difficulty levels, you're looking at upwards of an hour; and that's not even scratching the surface of the challenge mode that keeps you reeling in frustration as you attempt to unlock this loaded game's secrets.
While I continue to praise this great block of entertainment I would also like to note some of the draw backs. Often times I found myself running into lag while playing. Even after adjusting the quality, Dadgame's levels are so vast and visually interactive, it makes for a processing nightmare for those who's computers aren't up to par with current technological quotas. Likewise, the game's user interface during the game leave something to be desired, especially with such an appealing start menu, I was left disappointed.
Never-the-less, Dadgame is a refreshing reinvention of the conventional side scroller with its fast paced action and its comedic and destructive visuals. I give Dadgame a 4.5 out of 5.


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What is there to say about the one that started the entire sound that is Mutt and Chopps... I'm amazed at what you accomplish and add to every iteration we make together at Skel!

Treasure Paper was tied together with a beautiful bow with this arrangement. I particularly like how you gave the scene even MORE weight in the piratey lore it was calling to mind! Beautiful and exciting work here!

This track in particular BLEW

BrianSadler responds:

Blew you away!

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Would love to see you push the gesture pose FURTHER! Give some real life to their poses...

Great progress!


Sabtastic responds:

I know... I wish I could do it more often!
I've been to this one place that charges 10 bucks per drop-in session, but it's way out of the way, and I usually work when they have models in.

Been wanting to do more digital gesture work like this-- I'm kinda slow in comparison to traditional drawing mediums.

The shifting winds of change blow steady...

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