Newgrounds: The Forsaken CIty Video Update

2012-05-16 17:52:14 by Eiomaru

Hey Newgrounds!

Been awhile since I posted on front page! But really excited to bring an update to Newgrounds: The Forsaken Cityand its progress! Since I'm on the subject - if anyone isn't up-to-date with what I'm talking about, myself and Winzra are working with a team of extremely talented artists to bring you guys alive-action web-seriesbased on Newgrounds characters!


So what's this mean? Well it means that we're asking for help from the community to raise funds! Already we have 100 backers, and have raised over $3300 dollars! Thanks everyone!

On top of that , we are about to enter the second half of the campaign where we step up content to the next level. This first month we've wanted to gauge interest on word-of-mouth as well as buzz created among the community - but now grab on to your seats, we'll be walking you through our creative progress as we come closer to our goal!

To launch this outreach - we just posted our first VIDEO UPDATE. We give you guys some insight into the story of the series, as well as tease at some of the upcoming video updates we have in store! Check that out in the updates section of the kickStarter!

Also as a bonus - anyone who donates has the opportunity to have a message included in our upcoming promo animation for The Forsaken City. Be it $1 or $500, donate and have your message included today!

Also - I know a lot of you guys have been asking for an alternate way to donate (we realize kickStarter isn't the easiest process to go through.) We are excited to announce we just step up the proxy PayPal account that you all can now donate towards. We will be using the same rules for the PayPal donations. You'll be getting the same perks, and your money will be locked into the payPal account until we reach our goal! To donate via payPal, follow this link!


Thank you guys for your continued support! Let us know what you guys wanna see more of for upcoming video updates! Also - be sure to donate and share with anyone you know! Spreading the word is the only way we'll get more people to check this thing out!

Hope you're all doing great thanks for reading!

Newgrounds: The Forsaken CIty Video Update


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2012-05-16 18:06:29

There, 100 bucks :3

Eiomaru responds:

Wow man! Thank you so much! :D Since the PayPal people won't be noted on the kickStarter itself. We'll be sure to include everyone who donates via PayPal's name in our updates! Also, be sure to check out what you'll be getting for donating $100 via the kickStarter page! Thanks again!


2012-05-16 19:35:54

Yay Paypal! Expect a donation soon now :)

Eiomaru responds:

Awesome! Thank you :P!


2012-05-16 19:50:18

I pledged $35 to get the blu-ray. This series looks awesome!

Eiomaru responds:

Thank you so much for the support! Can't wait to get this thing going!


2012-05-17 02:20:14

a million dollars? lets see...

Eiomaru responds:

hahaha that'd be seasons 1-50 :D


2012-05-17 02:24:55 about 1000$?

Eiomaru responds:



2012-05-17 03:11:14

There! Hope that helps your kickstarter reach it's goal, dude. :) And I'll be lookin forward to the DVD!

Eiomaru responds:

Jaxxy! :D so gracious of you! Thank you very much!!


2012-05-17 15:05:28

here's your filthy money!

Eiomaru responds:

It's only as dirty as the dick jokes we won't be having in the series! >:D


2012-05-17 16:40:29

I'm throwing money at my screen but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Eiomaru responds:



2012-05-17 17:33:06

100$ + get for yuos guises.
Once this gets done, please include an option to look at the movie with cock-jokes VO enabled. That's all kthx ^_^

Eiomaru responds:

We'll figure something out I'm sure. Maybe do a spoof cut of it where we scratch that itch :P


2012-05-17 17:33:58

I'm sure Jeff will be more than happy to lend his dirty voice for that AMIRITE?!LOL!1


2012-05-17 19:32:40

Well, no money to donate but I'll be sure to hunt down thousands of possible fans to help get a good base set up before release....

Eiomaru responds:

We'll always need that :) Thanks for the help!


2012-05-18 07:32:33

You did a nice job explaining the story I might donate!


2012-05-18 17:07:28

I donated $50. I am also planning on donating through paypal.


2012-05-19 08:25:06

jsut donated a 1000$


2012-05-19 08:26:52

If u could add this music in your series
i would appreciate the credit :D


2012-05-21 00:45:21

i cant donate 1000$ but 35$ is all i could manage but hey this is some thing. i am glad i could contribute to be apart of a site that i love. hope to see this much love.<3


2012-05-22 22:58:58

Donated $35 through paypal :)