Leaving your lady unsatisfied in the kitchen...?

2011-02-03 19:08:09 by Eiomaru

NOT TO FEAR! For I give you the ray of hope!

This is a friend's webshow that's just starting now! Be sure to show the love! >:3


PS - Look out for video content coming from myself this year! Anyone else working on anything video-related?


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2011-02-03 21:25:51

That is so amazing.

Eiomaru responds:

Haha thanks man! This is only episode 1... So far they have 8 episodes fully filmed. I filmed with them sunday night for the Season 1 season finale, and they are adding in at least 2 more episodes to the season 1 lineup....

ALSO SIDE NOTE - I do all the pixel art in the show! :D


2011-02-03 21:36:00


(Updated ) Eiomaru responds:

http://uimg.ngfiles.com/profile/3 126/3126610.jpg