Pico Day!

2010-05-02 04:32:26 by Eiomaru

Thanks to everyone who voted for us! If you haven't caught it, check out Pico Mart! If you liked the music you heard, check out the many different artists whom we pooled music from our very own audio portal!

Pico Day was AMAZING this year, don't you think? My favorites were Pico's Brother by RedHarvest, Hulaloo's Hunting to Piconjo, Darnell has a crush by Tystarr, and Pico PWNS by Pegosho!

The art contest turned our AMAZING as well. Dayum!

What were your guys favorite Pico Day shorts? Lemmie know below!


PS- Look out for some future projects now that we're back on the animation scene!


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2010-05-02 11:02:59

Awesome movie lol !

Love the ending :D

Eiomaru responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


2010-05-02 17:14:27

Congrats on Front Page!

Eiomaru responds:



2010-05-03 03:43:11

u some some mad skills mate

Eiomaru responds:

Haha thanks man! Right back at you! Like I stated your's was one of my favorites! I really am lovin' your work man!


2010-05-04 21:21:15

wow you... well what is the best way to put this... ummm I have seen poop stains that have more talent and character than you do...I really feel bad for your mother and father for putting in all of that hard work and time and you turing out like this... i mean really... just wow....

(Updated ) Eiomaru responds:

lololol Good to see you've got your account back....

PS - This sounds like an excerpt from Dr. Suess's farewell tour...