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Eiomaru's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 233 (From 49 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,630 Points

take care of the trees

A Blocked Path Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Talk to your brother.
Home Sweet Home Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Try to enter the house.
It's Dangerous to go Alone Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Get the axe.
Pull it! Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Pull the switch.
Shameless Self Promotion Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Visit my world wide website.
Side Effects Include.. Unlocked 5/8/12
5 Points
Talk to the suspicious caravan.
Fire and Brimstone Unlocked 5/8/12
10 Points
Burn down all the houses.
Mr. Literal Unlocked 5/8/12
25 Points
Cut down all of the trees.
You Win..? Unlocked 5/8/12
25 Points
That was a weird game.

Medals Earned: 9/9 (90/90 points)

Talesworth Adventure Ep.1

Noob Test Unlocked 4/27/10
5 Points
Solve every easy (blue) room
A Novice No More 5 Points Solve every medium (teal) room
True Adventurer 10 Points Solve every challenging (red) room
Warrior Proper 10 Points Solve every hard (purple) room
Glutton for Punishment 25 Points Solve every bonus (green) room
Purveyor of Finery 25 Points Collect all 25 gems located throughout the castle
Hoard the Hoard 50 Points Slay the Talesworth Dragon and obtain his hoard
Thinking Things Through 50 Points Complete the game using 5 or less Resets

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/180 points)

The Breach

20 Kills Unlocked 8/4/10
5 Points
Kill 20 enemies
Kill First Boss Unlocked 8/4/10
10 Points
Kill the first boss
Game Complete 25 Points Complete the game
Kill 3rd Boss 25 Points Kill the 3rd Boss
20 Stars 50 Points Obtain 20 stars

Medals Earned: 2/5 (15/115 points)

Time Fcuk

You've learned nothing Unlocked 9/18/09
5 Points
Get the bad ending
Everyone will leave you Unlocked 9/16/09
10 Points
get to level 28
Is something wrong? Unlocked 9/16/09
10 Points
get to lvl 9
Opinionated Unlocked 9/16/09
10 Points
vote on 3 maps
You are your only companion in life. Unlocked 9/16/09
10 Points
get to level 22
Obsessed Unlocked 9/17/09
25 Points
Vote on 33 maps
Lost in forever Unlocked 9/17/09
50 Points
beat an explore campaign
The Assent Unlocked 9/16/09
50 Points
Get the good ending
O))) 100 Points Vote on 333 maps

Medals Earned: 8/9 (170/270 points)

Toss the Turtle

Acupuncture Unlocked 9/19/09
5 Points
Get skewered on spikes
Gold Star Unlocked 9/19/09
5 Points
Launch the Turtle
Jump Man Unlocked 9/19/09
5 Points
Smash a goomba
Novice Unlocked 9/19/09
5 Points
Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)
Question Mark Unlocked 9/19/09
5 Points
Find the hidden button
Amateur Unlocked 9/19/09
10 Points
Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)
Drunk Driver Unlocked 9/19/09
10 Points
Blow up a jeep
Harrasment Unlocked 9/19/09
10 Points
Crush an angry ground creature
in Space Unlocked 9/19/09
10 Points
Reach space
Strong Armed Unlocked 9/19/09
10 Points
Get punched by a banana
Abducted Unlocked 9/19/09
25 Points
Get caught by a UFO
Icarus Unlocked 9/19/09
25 Points
Get burned by a sun
Persistent Unlocked 9/19/09
25 Points
Play over an hour
Professional Unlocked 9/19/09
25 Points
Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)
Radioactive Unlocked 9/19/09
25 Points
Use a nuke
Golden Shell Unlocked 9/19/09
50 Points
Buy everything
Master Unlocked 9/19/09
50 Points
Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)
Traveler Unlocked 9/19/09
50 Points
Total over 1 million feet
WorldsEdge Unlocked 9/19/09
100 Points
Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)
Addicted 50 Points Play over 2 hours

Medals Earned: 19/20 (450/500 points)

Tower of Heaven

TENACIOUS EID Unlocked 8/7/10
5 Points
Clear a level after dying five times in it.
ATOP THE WORLD Unlocked 8/7/10
50 Points
Climb to the top of the tower
GOD COMPLEX 25 Points Collect all hidden secrets
ETERNAL SANCTITY 100 Points Complete the game with no deaths
INDIGNANT DIVINITY 100 Points Achieve a Speedrun Mode time under three minutes

Medals Earned: 2/5 (55/280 points)


Bros B4 Hoes Unlocked 4/2/10
50 Points
Round up the troops.
Valentine 10 Points Guide Valentine to safety!
Burt 25 Points Guide Burt to safety!
Earl 25 Points Guide Earl to safety!
Heather 25 Points Guide Heather to safety!
Melvin 25 Points Guide Melvin to safety!
Mindy 25 Points Guide Mindy to safety!
Ladies Man 50 Points Only save the women.
Worm Master 100 Points Rescue EVERYONE!

Medals Earned: 1/9 (50/335 points)

Utopian Mining

COAL Unlocked 4/17/12
5 Points
Find coal.
IRON Unlocked 4/17/12
5 Points
Find iron.
Start off your adventure! Unlocked 4/17/12
5 Points
Enter Utopia.
Vamos a la playa! Unlocked 4/17/12
5 Points
Get some sand.
Being generous! 5 Points Give John some money.
A good investment... 10 Points Give Dave some money for his project.
Engineer 10 Points Help building the steammachine.
GOLD 10 Points Find gold.
It works! 10 Points Make the steammachine work.
WOLFRAM 10 Points Find wolfram.
DIAMOND 25 Points Find diamond.
Expensive experiments 25 Points Give George some smaragds.
Project completed! 25 Points Give Dave some sand.
RUBY 25 Points Find ruby.
Saving electricity 25 Points Give George some wolfram.
SMARAGD 25 Points Find smaragd.
The COre 25 Points Get the COre.
Jewelry 50 Points Give Jamie some rubies.
Hero 100 Points Finish the game
A rich robot! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cool! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The perfect robot Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/22 (20/500 points)

Warriors of the Portal

Screw you Asimov Unlocked 4/30/11
25 Points
Mindchamber survives the battle
Hail to the King 5 Points Support Pico Day
C-C-Combo Breaker 10 Points "Parry" the attack to save the Alien
Change of Perspective 10 Points Evade "A" freezing death
Erotic Bonus 10 Points Find the erotic scene in the Character Info Menu
RT I like it 25 Points Gigantor survives the battle
Cameo I Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cameo II Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Cameo III Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
WTF? FTW! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/10 (25/150 points)